MaxxmAlarm Tamper Resistant Personal Safety Device

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MaxxmAlarm Tamper Resistant Personal Safety Device Alarms in Rose Gold to keep you and your families safe!

Designed to mimic a standard key fob, this keyring alarm is small but sounds a powerful call for help. Pull the top for an ear-splitting 130-decibel alarm that is as loud as a jet taking off. Pop the top back in to stop the sound. It’s reusable and can attach to a bag, belt, keychain, or be worn around your neck—perfect for students, apartment dwellers, campers, joggers, or anyone who wants an extra measure of safety on-hand.

Instructions: Comes pre-installed with battery. Simply pull the top to activate alarm in an emergency situation. Alarm can be easily turned off by re-inserting the pin into the top
Extremely loud 130 dB alarm immediately draws attention in emergency situations
Great for running, walking, commuting, hiking, camping, field trips, nights out and more
Included carabiner and lanyard make for easy attachment to purse, keys, or backpack
TSA-approved and airport friendly
Compact, discreet design
Tamper-resistant casing
Great for use as an animal deterrent when camping
Reusable with a total lifetime usage of 30 minutes
Under normal conditions and circumstances, batteries will last at least 2-3 years if unused
Please note: Not a toy, 130 dB frequency can cause hearing impairments. For use in emergency situations only
Please note: Battery is not replaceable



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MaxxmAlarm Tamper Resistant Personal Safety Device
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